Kuriositäten: Napoleon auf Elba
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“Die Küchenausstattung der Appartements dürfte ein bisschen reichhaltiger sein...”
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Hotel & Residence Acacie


Open from 8,00 until 20.00, provides the necessities, fresh bread, fresh milk, cold meats, fruit and vegetables, newspapers, cigarettes, articles for hygiene, for the beach and... for everyone a smile and a helping hand. 

The holiday club card, obligatory and free of charge for children up to the age of 6 years,
costs 30 euro and entitles entry to the swimming pool, car parks, participation in all the activities organised by us, and various price reductions in commercial activities on
Elba and an insurance which covers Accidents occurring during activities organised by
us and enables us to return the deposit if for any reason you have to forgot your holiday. 

We will, if you wish, acquire ferry tickets and send them to your home address together
with written confirmation of your reservation, already paid and ready for boarding which you must do half an hour before sailing time. We will choose the most convenient tariff. You will 
have to let us know the time you would like to cross and in which car you will be travelling.
Bei der Buchung Ihrer Fährekarten über uns, können Sie die Vorteile der Tarife für Hoteliers in Anspruch nehmen.
Um die Reservierung vorzunehmen, senden Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail mit der Marke, Modell, Ihr Nummernschild Ihres PKW und in der von Ihnen gewünschten Zeit. Wir werden Ihnen die Fährkarten per E-Mail senden.
Ansonsten können Sie die bezahlten Karten direkt über das Online-Reservierungssystem kaufen, fragen Sie uns im Voraus den Rabattcode.

Send us an e-mail: , call us at 0565-966123  or if you let us have your 
phone number, specifying your requirements,  Cristiana, Mara. Valentina, Enrica or Luca will give you information, we’ll send you a brochure or, if you wish,a detailed estimate, without any obligation!