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Curiosities about Napoleon - Elba
“Great location, spacious and bright, 22'' flat television, telephone, air conditioning, ceiling fan, huge terrace...”
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Hotel & Residence Le Acacie

Elba diving

, a dive into deep blue

There is not a more beautiful setting than the fabulous Island of Elba for your open air sporting holidays.
Here, you will discover a true natural paradise, especially for those who love the adrenalin-pumping feeling of the dive.
By choosing our hotel at Capoliveri, you will be able to fully take advantage of all of the opportunities that Elba Island has to offer, to discover the sea from the best angle.

There are many specialized centres that allow you to indulge in your passion for the seabed.
Rely on one of the several diving centres of Elba Island and you will find the best instructors, regardless of your instruction level, from sea baptism and upwards.
There are so many interesting diving spots, that you can comfortably visit from our hotel at Elba Island.

For example, Lo Scoglietto, suitable for experts as well as beginner which, thanks to a rockwall, will allow you to descend 40 meters below the level sea surface, where you can see a beautiful statue of Christ lying on the seabed.
You can't even miss the Picchi di Pablo: descending down to 37 metres along a wall covered by sea life, and after enjoying the exceptional black coral area, you can get into a enormous and striking cave inhabited by many different living species.

Decide to have the dream experience by choosing our holiday houses at Elba Island for your days of sport, discovery, and fun for a holiday dedicated to the sea.