A charming journey on the coast of the Elba Island

Beaches and inlets of the magnificent coast

Hotel and Residence Le Acacie is located in Capoliveri, one of the most fascinating areas of Elba Island for its enchanting beaches and coves.

A stay at this hotel will not only grant you relaxing days at the beach or pool, or on the beautiful meadows all around you, but you will be able explore a land that has much to offer in naturalistic terms.

In particular, the southern and eastern shores of the island are truly unique because they offer unmatched views from Capoliveri to Lacona and its bays and coves, which are rare for their wild shapes that hide fine sandy beaches, ideal for a relaxing break and equipped with every type of amenities.

From Hotel Le Acacie you can venture on into great excursions and also discover the delight of the sea landscape, to be admired on board boats that will take you to the most pristine and amazing beaches.
It is among these shores that you will witness extraordinary examples of Mediterranean bushes and trees, true havens of peace and nature, rich in pines, eucalyptus, palms and agaves.

The view over the Gemini islands is particularly romantic and enchanting, all to be enjoyed thinking of the ancient legend that tells the tormenting story of two lovers, especially when admired under the intense colors of the sunset.

Unique is also the color of stretch of coast characterized by the ancient iron mines, marked by red rocks due to the infiltration of iron, a unique view prelude to amazing beaches reachable only by boat.

Incomparable locations for those who love diving and excursions on Elba Island, paradises waiting only to be discovered and that it is possible to reach by choosing as your vacation destination the exclusive Hotel and Residence Le Acacie.