Excursions on Elba Island, a Caribbean landscape

White sand beaches resembling the Caribbean, small bays and sea caves, ancient villages perched on rocky hills, Mediterranean nature with ancient trees and a pristine and clear sea, all offer the traveller splendid views and numerous possibilities to practice sports and go on excursions.

Elba Island forms part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and you can discover its beauty by enjoying long walks, or mountain biking and horseback riding tours along paths winding through nature.
Don’t miss the huge Elba traverse on foot or by mountain bike, immerse in the unspoiled nature, crossing through small ancient villages, full of history and ancient traditions, along paths that wind through forests and verdant hills.

Rocks, craggy hills that overhang the seashore and beaches of fine white sand or black and white pebbles offer a unique natural landscape from which several wild animals emerge, such as the wild boar and the mouflon.
Thanks to its 147 kilometres of rugged coastline, Elba island offers magnificent beaches and incredibly clean waters where the intense blue fades to green, recalling the distant beauty of the Caribbean.

The perfect way to discover these natural seascapes is the Kayak excursion, which leads to the discovery of inlets carved into the rock and submerged between sea and sky, secret and reserved bays, accessible only by sea and thanks to silent navigation, it is possible to see seagulls, cormorants and shags.

Elba Island also offers the opportunity to practice several different sports, such as Trekking, Canoeing, Golfing, Surfing, Sailing, Paragliding, Free Climbing, Horseback riding and Walking.