Hotel Capoliveri for a holiday in Elba

The location of Le Acacie, hotels Capoliveri, gives guests the chance to enjoy the sea that surrounds Elba Island and the opportunity to look around, perhaps in the evening, among the narrow streets and artisan workshops of a unique village with real medieval origins.
The Acacie, Hotel Elba Island is, in particular, just a few metres from Naregno beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Capoliveri. The proximity to Porto Azzurro, naval connection point with Piombino, makes it an easily accessible holiday destination.

Capoliveri, custodian of Elba Island’s traditions

Capoliveri dominates much of the island, offering a picturesque view of a landscape that takes in the islands of Montecristo and Pianosa. The town preserves the traditions of one of the oldest island activities, mineral processing.
The Festa dell’Uva (Wine Festival), the Festa del Cavatore (Miner’s Festival) and the Festa dell’innamorata (a Traditional Festival) all find their natural setting here, they are among the most followed events on Elba Island, and express the island's oldest traditions in a colourful way.

Hotel offering on Elba Island

The Acacie also offers apartments Elba, which offers accommodation in hotels or residences; it already has special offers from Easter to enjoy the events of interest on the island, and is available for booking ferry tickets, making your holiday easier. In the summer, there is also a free shuttle available from the parking lots in the valley below Capoliveri that takes you up to the city centre, on the initiative of the municipality. Don’t miss the traditional specialties of the taverns and a visit to historical monuments such as San Michele’s Church and the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace.