Wonderful opportunities to stay in your hotel on the Island of Elba

Elba Island, a paradise and the beating heart of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, is a place of incredible resources that people of all tastes and interests will find striking.

Finding accommodation in an Elba Island hotel such as ours, equipped with a wide range of services, immersed in greenery and just a stone’s throw from the sea, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best that the island has to offer, in full comfort and convenience.

Those who wish to spend a relaxing holiday at the sea lounging by the fresh Tyrrhenian waters will be welcomed by the beautiful island beaches. Some are intimate, others lively and most have white pebbles and crystal clear waters, such as the Capo Bianco beach, or are full of golden sand and caressed by warm water such as the renowned Cavoli Beach.

Those who instead want to discover the most intriguing and hidden pieces of coastline, not accessible from terra firma, can make the most of the kayaks that are readily available for hire on the beaches and with which the rarest of the natural jewels set into the glittering Elba coast can be discovered.

Thanks to the Centro Velico Naregno diving centre, if you want to get really up close and personal with the sea and its inhabitants you can now safely plunge into an enthralling Elba island diving experience, exploring the idyllic seabed of the archipelago, coming across the famous statue of Christ at the bottom of the sea or getting familiar with the magical habitat of the underwater caves, dazzled by the varied and colourful creatures that live there.

You can experience all of this in the utmost comfort when you’ve found a resting place in one of the most comprehensive Elba island hotels in terms of offers and services, such as ours. Types of accommodation range from classic rooms to actual apartments, all complete with every service and technology. Add to this the private beach, sports facilities, a minimarket and an excellent restaurant which all benefit from fantastic special offers and your seaside holiday will be a mix of dream and reality.