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Come and discover the Isle of Elba by mountain bike

Just as for trekking, the morphology and the geologicalshape of the territory of theIsle of Elba are perfect for tripsand excursionson your mountain bike.
Roads, paths and mule tracks will lead you to discover theunexplored territory of the island, some stretches of which are quite savage, through unique landscape views dominated by the tranquillity of the sea and the strength of the rocks, colours, odours and atmospheres, typical of thenature on the Isle of Elba that will leave you literally breathless.

Whether you are amateur or expert bikers, on theIsle of Elba you will be able to find the right route for your level of preparation, thanks to the presence of vast flat areas and wooded paths, but also stony ground, uneven ground and steep slopes near the Mount Calamita a rock mining area or the granite massif of Monte Capanne.

Come and discover the beauty of a territory that constantly changes after only a few pedal strokes and take all the time you need to discover the magnificence of the flora and faunanatural riches that unfurl in every nook and cranny, offering you postcard-perfect landscapes that you will believe are true only because you are actually there experiencing, breathing and savouring it using all your senses.

Four itineraries, a thousand thrills.

Here are four itineraries that you could follow on your mountain bike that cover several levels of difficulty and that will enable you to discover the natural world of the Isle of Elba.

  • From Capoliveri to the Fattoria delle Ripalte: This is an easy routethat covers the eastern area of the Isle of Elba, starting from our Capoliveri and heading towards the Fattoria delle Ripalte, passing through the mining landscape of Mount Calamita.
  • From Villa di San Martino to Colle Reciso: This is an average difficulty route that begins at the Napoleonic Villa di San Martino and runs along the ridge of Colle Reciso.
  • From Lacona to Mount Tambone: This is an extremely difficult route that starts at the marvellous Lacona beach and reaches up toMount Tambone, passing through an unspoilt, wild environment where you will be able to catch sight of hares, pheasants, martens and wild boars.
  • Monte Capanne circuit: This is a particularly demanding route that runs along the entire circuit round Mount Capanne and that will give even the most expert bikers the possibility to discover wonderful landscapes such as Sant’Ilario and to put themselves to the test by grappling with uneven ground and extremely steep slopes.

Capoliveri Bike Park

The Capoliveri Bike Park consists of 5 beaten, well-marked tracks for mountain bike enthusiasts that twist and turn within the Capoliveri territory.

You can choose the route you like the most from:

  • Route A: Calamita
  • Route B: Mines
  • Route C: East Ripa
  • Route D: World Cup
  • Route E:Legend Cup

Reach us at the Hotel & Residence Le Acacie to experience a thrill of a two-wheeled journey!