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Sea kayaking, a thrilling surface water sport

With 147 kilometres of ruggedcoastline consisting of marvellous grottoes, wonderful coves and small bays, theIsle of Elba is a real and proper paradise for those who love sea kayaking.

Kayakingis a recreational, relaxing activity that will lead you to paddle towards the crystal-clear sea that washes the shores of the Island and will enable you to discover beachesand coves that are impossible to reach from the mainland, unspoilt, hidden havens that offer their beauty only to those who reach them coming from the sea.

You don’t need any particular skills to go Kayakingexcept for a love for the sea, a good sense of direction and the necessary strength (even if you don’t really need much!) to paddle yourself across the surface of the water, without forgetting a good dose of curiosity and passion for this marvellous water sport.

You don’t need to make too much effort and try to keep a constant speed: the beauty of Sea Kayaking is actually savouring the slowness of the movements as well as listening and perceiving the sounds of the sea, a unique sensation to be experienced either alone or in the company of someone who loves the sea and nature as much as you do.

Thanks to the manoeuvrability and agility of thesea kayak, it will be possible, being rigorously silent, to approach cormorants, shags, splendid herring gulls and small Audouin’s gulls.
A close encounter with marine nature and birdlifewithin a landscape that will enable you to land on all different types of beaches ranging from those with white, silky sand to rocky beaches, passing through the black beaches of the mining area.

The sea can be enjoyable if...

It is important to remember that the sea is wonderful yet also often unpredictableand therefore it is necessary to try to protect yourself against any unforeseen situation and circumstance that may arise.

Remember to:

  • Equip yourself with a lifejacket
  • If necessary, due to the morphology of the territory, take a helmet with you
  • Put on sun cream (the reflection from the water intensifies the sun rays) and keep your head covered
  • You must know how to swim! (it may sound trivial but it is essential, especially if you go out alone)
  • Do not adventure into difficult areas if you are not an expert
  • Do not go out in bad weather
  • Pay attention to the shallow sea beds
  • Respect the sea and the surrounding natural environment

Don’t be afraid of the awe-inspiring nature of the sea; if it is approached by taking appropriate

We, at the Residence & Hotel Le Acacie love our sea and we are at your disposal to provide you with information on the right itineraries, qualified guides and unmissable beaches to allow you to experience the pure magic coming into contact with the local environment.